mp3 Download Special $5.00 

For a limited time, a sales special is being offered on mp3 download versions of the cd "ALIENTO DE VIDA". The entire mp3 can be purchased for just $5.00 at this link. Enjoy the music. I would love to hear from you.

Staying in touch 

Sometimes it seems so easy to get caught up in day to day events that updating this page gets neglected. I hope to do better in the future starting now I am slowly getting aquainted with the 21st century as I recently joined I shared the sentiments that the great guitarist Steve Khan expressed in his blog that a personal web site would suffice but... please visit me and be my friend While surfing the net, I came across a magazine "DrummerPro Jazz" (2003) that had…

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Good Press 

Not that it drastically changes ones artistic vision or passion, but who doesn't appreciate good press? Thank you to Bob Gish who wrote a very kind review of the cd "ALIENTO de VIDA". It appears on page 213 (summer issue ,vol 6 number4, Mike Stern cover) of Jazz Improv magazine... one of the best and most indepth jazz magazines that I know of. Thank you also to Eric Nemeyer and Jamie Cosnowsky for the tireless work they do to make the publication a success. ( See the Links page)

Isla del Encanto 

Just got back recently from Puerto Rico. As usual it is always difficult to say good bye to family and friends and my musical brothers and sisters who encourage and bless me immensly with their wonderful musical gifts and talents. This time, not only was playing music on the agenda, but I was able to conduct a series of interviews with some friends who happen to be some of my favorite musicians as well... A heartfelt thank you to Luis Rodriguez, Marcos Pignataro, and UN FUERTE ABRAZO a Paoli Mejias…

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Available in P.R 

The contemporary / latin jazz cd ALIENTO DE VIDA is now available not only via internet at but also in retail at VIERA DISCOS (La Casa del Coleccionista) on the legendary Cerra street in Santurce, Puerto Rico (787) 725-1105 La grabación del jazz latino / contemporáneo, ALIENTO DE VIDA, ya esta disponible no tan solo via internet en el sino también esta a la venta en la famosa y reconocida Casa del Coleccionista: VIERA DISCOS en la legendaria…

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The following is taken from the liner notes of my cd "Aliento de Vida" Please visit the MUSIC section of this site or visit to listen to / buy the cd. Thank you ( version en espanol a continuacion) SYNOPSIS I have always been interested in the study of the African Diaspora and its impact on folkloric and popular music throughout the countries of the Americas in particular. The African influence is highlighted, amongst other disciplines, by the prolific, sophisticated, and…

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The ongoing research, study, and performance of the Puerto Rican Bomba rhythms and history continues... Greater understanding of the Haitian revolution is bringing greater insight to many of the lyrics and coros heard in Bomba... Please feel free to write me if you have info that may contribute in this area....Dicho sea de paso, gracias a Jorge Ginorio por sus contribuciones e informes Gracias tambien a Tata Cepeda , Victor "Sorpresa" Velez, y Angel Reyes por su aportacion a esta tan importante y…

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Latin Jazz Quartet 

The Latin Jazz Quartet led by bassist, composer, arranger, Gerardo Colon Ortiz is currently preparing new material and is looking forward to public performance soon. Current members include Oscar Munoz -drums/perc.; Jack Friend- trpt; and Andre Avelino- guitar